Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology
The Department of Psychology at Assam Women's University has the distinction of being the first Department in the region to provide for Under Graduate Degree course in Psychology. This decision is informed by a realisation of the fascinating developments that the discipline has undergone globally in the past few decades and the contingent challenges such developments pose in terms of laying a strong foundation at the undergraduate level. Such foundation is a precondition in effectively addressing the needs and challenges of feeling prepared to embark on a deeper domain specific knowledge acquisition across a range of specializations at the graduate level. Accordingly, the undergraduate programme is a well rounded programme that systematically exposes students to the fundamental issues in the discipline of Psychology, including harnessing a language in which to understand and explain the problems of the discipline as well as a strong foundation in research methodology. The undergraduate programme will also introduce students to fundamentals of psychological testing as well as experimentation. The undergraduate exposure should amply prepare the students for the rigorous two year Master's programme split across four semesters. Students will have to choose from one of the given number of specializations on offer such as social & Industrial Psychology, Evolutionary & Developmental Psychology, Personality & Clinical Psychology, Education & Counselling Psychology etc. Moreover, the core courses will expose students to an in-depth understanding of the theoretical issues concerning the various schools and their methodological approaches, including a critical appreciation of the various schools of Indian thoughts and their scope. Besides, the Department will facilitate mandatory internship programme to be undergone by students enrolled in the Master's students at registered institutions for a stipulated period of time in order to gain hands-on experience. With such a view in mind, the Department is committed to infusing highest standards of scientific thinking and experimentation as well as in cultivating sensitivity to the role of culture, society and economies in shaping human behaviour and decision making in real life contexts. This will be amply reflected in the curriculum and the learning environment about the Department.

Programmes Offered
  • BA in Psychology
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  • MA in Psychology

A Phukan Angshuman Phukan, Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
MA in Psychology
Phone no.: +91-9954003097
Specialization: Clinical Psychology
Areas of Interest: Developmental and Social Psychology, Theoretical Issues in Psychology
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K Parashar Kantadorshi Parashar, Assistant Professor (Contractual)
MA, Psychology, University of Delhi
Phone no.: +91-27055311
Areas of Interest: Clinical & Developmental Psychology, Psychological Testing, Psychotherapeutic Approaches
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P Saikia Prarthana Saikia, Assistant Professor (Contractual)
MA (University of Mumbai)
Phone no.: 9401961868
Area of Interest: Social Psychology, Industria Psychology, Councelling Psychology, Research Methodology
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